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DINNER CLUB WITH ANTHONY SINSAY: An Introspective Look at New York City in the 1980's

Dinner reservations now have a new meaning with an unexpected menu, exclusive chef and a carefully crafted theme for each particular evening. On January 29, AD Nightclub unveils this new dining concept at The Dinner Club located at 905 4th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101.

The Dinner Club will offer an all-inclusive menu that comes unique with each chef that visits the AD kitchen and each event will be distinct depending on the chef's vision.  According to Bayless Cobb, AD Nightclub owner, "At a traditional restaurant, the chef has to limit his creativity and offer a menu that has to work with the commercial masses. But with The Dinner Club, diners see the chef with their hands untied and his or hers ultimate expression of their creativity using our venue's ambiance with a live DJ and theatrical lighting."

"We want to team nightlife with fine dining to elevate the guest experience by engaging all their senses" adds Sam Borghei, investor and one of four partners who conceived of this new addition to AD Nightclub. Partners include Joey Pena, Vinny Di Nino and Verdette Ibong-Konkol, all San Diego natives who have watched the city grow into a vast culinary landscape.  "We've observed that San Diego lacks a creative collaboration between top tier nightlife and top tier cuisine," Joey Pena adds. "The Dinner Club brings the best of both worlds together."  "This new dining option will excite more than just taste buds bringing a new experience to the San Diego scene, "  chimes Verdette Ibong-Konkol and Vinny Di Nino.

The premiere event features Award Winning Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay who was listed in the Top 10 chefs in San Diego by and named 2012 Chef of the Year by  Returning to San Diego from LA, this event marks Sinsay's homecoming .  "The Dinner Club is excited to partner with Anthony  and showcase his renowned talents. San Diego missed him and we're happy to have him back" says Verdette.  As a history buff, Anthony plans to execute an Ode to New York-  5 courses celebrating the 5 boroughs of New York in the 80's. A time when the culinary expression was beginning to take flight. "The dining scene in New York exploded during this time and I wanted to take an introspective look at each city and what supported such a boom. This event will look at the food and pop culture of NY in the 80's." Says Anthony.  

Dinner Club - January 29th @ 6pm
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